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*In addition to your Sneak Peek and Wedding Film you will always get the entire wedding ceremony complete with professional audio coverage of your vows!
 ***With every package you will Receive DVDS, Blu-Rays and the HD 1080p files for your use with your Computers, ipads, devices, etc.


Our Films capture:

  • Bride and Bridesmaid Preps/ Groom prep (all the details from the preps, including hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and more!…and don’t forget about the dress!)
  • Location! Location! Location! (your wedding day will be filled with so many moments and memories that you wont want to forget the special venues you have personally selected.)
  • The Wedding
  • Your Vows (personally, my favorite part of a wedding is when the couples say their vows. We take the time to capture your vows for you so that you will always have them to look back at on!)
  • While your photographer is doing their thing?- Some of our favorite moments while filming come from in between photographs! Pictures are great but sometimes the best emotions come from a moment in between when your photographer is taking a shot.
  • Reception (from the food to the speeches, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet tosses, and more) We cover it all. Especially the dancing and fun!
  • Plus all speeches, dances, and entraces will be included in their entirety.


Additional Package Add-ons:

We are also available to capture rehearsal coverage!  Contact us for more info.