About Us / FAQ

About Us / FAQ

Hi, My name is Nathan. And with the help of my lovely wife Amanda we started DMG Memories. We provide full videography for any occasion but we specialize in wedding videography. We are located in Bowling Green, KY but we look forward to getting to capture weddings from all around.


– With the cost of wedding photos and videography being so high we strive to provide an affordable package to fit your every need.

–  As I said before we are a husband and and wife team , not some production crew who views you as the next paycheck , we understand the importance and emotion that goes into the preparation and execution of your special day.

–  We strive to capture all the special moments throughout the entire day, down to the smallest details so that you will have them to cherish always.
– WE LOVE DOING THIS!!! – I once told my wife there is something pretty amazing about the look on the couples faces on their special day. And we feel honored to get to share in so many of those amazing moments!



1. So what exactly do you do?
We are videographers, plain and simple (well, videography isn’t all that simple, but hopefully you catch our drift).
2. Why is video important for my wedding day?When your wedding day comes to an end, the best way to relive the day will be through photos and video. Wedding photos are wonderful keepsakes but there really is nothing that compares to watching the story of your day unfold on video as opposed to just viewing snapshots on one of the most important days of your life. Video captures the people that matter the most, and those moments will forever be a play away.
3. Do you travel?
Yes, please! We are available for travel.
4. What are your costs associated with travel?
Dmg Memories is based in Bowling Green Ky. So each situation is unique and requires a conversation before we can provide an accurate estimate on travel costs.
5. What type of equipment do you use? 
We use DSLR cameras and we’re often confused for photographers, but video production is our niche and we’ve found that these types of cameras provide a unique look and feel in our production approach. We edit with Adobe After effects, Adobe Premire, and others. We use professional audio recording equipment like the Zoom H4N, wireless microphones, and Rode VideoMic Pros. When professional lighting is needed, we utilize an LED light configuration which is capable of running off batteries so we can have portability when filming on location.
6. What comes on the final DVDs?
The Wedding packages include DVDs which feature customized menus and chapters broken up into the following elements:
  • Preparations footage (if your wedding day plans include having us capture this)
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Reception coverage (dances, cake cutting, toasts, and more)
  • Highlight / Sneak Peek video
  • speeches complete
  • Anything you tell us
7. What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround time is anywhere from 2-5 months to complete your full length wedding video. Depending on how many dates we have booked around that time. The Wedding trailer however will be available within 3 days after your wedding if you so choose to have it then or we can hold it until you return from honeymooning its up to you!
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